How are Windows Feature Updates handled?

Windows Feature Updates are large update packages that add new functionality to Windows. Patchdeck fully supports the rollout of Windows Feature Updates. First, make sure that all your endpoints are running at least version 2.0.0 of the Patchdeck agent. You can then find Windows Feature Updates among the missing patches in the detail view for a specific system and trigger the installation just like for any other patch package. We recommend installing Windows Feature Updates alone, e.g. selecting it as the only package to be installed during an update run, since they are not always compatible with other patches. After a Feature Update has finished installing, the Patchdeck agent will check automatically if new patches are needed for the updated version of Windows.

Windows Feature Updates do require an instant reboot of the system to finish installation. The end user will receive a warning before the reboot and has time to save the current work. There are no reboot deferral options as is the case with normal reboots on Windows because the installation of Windows Feature Update requires an instant reboot.

When configuring a patch policy to automatically apply missing patches you can choose to include or exclude Windows Feature Updates in the automatic patching process.