Manage two-factor authentication

To strengthen the security of your Patchdeck console we recommend that all users on your account activate two-factor authentication. This adds an important layer of protection in case your password gets compromised. We currently support two-factor authentication via authenticator apps like Google Authenticator or Authy.

Please note that when you activate business authentication for a user, two-factor authentication cannot be setup in the Patchdeck settings but should be configured via your authentication provider, e.g. Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Here is how you activate two-factor authentication for your user:

Step 1: Open your account settings

Go to

Step 2: Open the two-factor authentication settings

Click on the button “Manage two-factor authentication”: 

Step 3: Configure two-factor authentication

  1. Click on “Enable two-factor authentication”
  2. Follow the wizard and make sure you have your phone with an installed authenticator app at hand
  3. After you have finished the setup in the wizard two-factor authentication is enabled and you will always need to provide the second factor code when you login to the Patchdeck console