Manage tenants in Patchdeck

If you are one of our MSP customers you can make use of the tenant feature to separate different customer environments in Patchdeck. To activate this feature on your account please contact support at

After the feature is activated on your accounts you will see a new field in your sidebar:

To create a new tenant click on “Tenant Management” and then “Create new tenant”:

A tenant is a logical grouping for resources in Patchdeck and allows you to separate customer environments. Resources that are grouped by tenant are:

  • Systems
  • Groups
  • Reports
  • Patch Policies
  • Reboot Policies
  • Integrations

Only Administrators can create new tenants but tenants have the same permission management as other objects in Patchdeck. You can therefore give non-admin users permission to manage a tenant, e.g. change the name, add systems to it, etc.