How does billing work?

Your Patchdeck subscription has a clear and easy pricing structure: Each endpoint that you manage via Patchdeck costs 2 USD per month. All our features are included in this price and each account also includes unlimited users.

When you signup for Patchdeck you need to activate your account by registering a payment method. Registering a payment method will not incur any charges. You only pay when you start using Patchdeck to patch your systems or add additional users.

Usage-based charges (for managed endpoints and additional users) are billed based on your average usage in the billing period. The average is calculated daily so you only pay for what you use. This means if you remove a system from your Patchdeck console you are no longer incurring charges for it, the same applies to users. 

You can always see a live cost forecast for the current billing period by going to

If you would rather buy licenses for a fixed number of endpoints we also offer yearly plans. For larger environments with more than 800 endpoints there are several discounts available. For more information and a customized offer please reach out to our sales department at

We use a payment processor for our billing (Paddle) which increases security and reliability. This is why you will see their name (PADDLE) and our name (PATCHDECK) on your credit card statement. Your credit card statement will also show details about your usage-based charges. 

If you have any questions about your billing our support staff is always happy to help (