Uninstall the agent

If you want to remove the Patchdeck agent from a system it is recommended to use the built-in uninstall functionality. This ensures that all services connected with the agent are correctly stopped and uninstalled.

To uninstall the agent follow these steps depending on your operating system:


  1. Open a Powershell session as an administrator and change into the directory “C:/Program Files/PatchdeckWindowsAgent”
  2. Open the system center setting for configuring applications, select PatchdeckWindowsAgent and click “Uninstall”


  1. Open a Terminal session
  2. Run the command to uninstall the package:
    1. For Debian-based distributions: sudo dpkg -r patchdeck-linux-agent
    2. For RedHat-based distributions: sudo rpm -e patchdeck-linux-agent
  3. The agent is now uninstalled


  1. Open a Terminal session and change into the directory /opt/patchdeck-mac-agent
  2. Run the command: sudo ./patchdeck-agent --uninstall
  3. The agent is now uninstalled and you can delete the directory /opt/patchdeck-mac-agent