Create a patch summary

Patch summaries allow you to receive a summary of all the patch alerts that were published in the last seven days. You can use them to create your own patch day. For example, says that you want to patch all your systems on Friday. You can create a patch summary for this day and every Friday you will receive an email with all the patch alerts that were published since the last summary.

To create a patch summary follow these steps:

Step 1: Open patch summary setting

Go to to see which patch summaries you have currently configured.

Step 2: Create a new patch summary

  1. Click on “Setup new patch summary”
  2. Select on which day and on which email address you want to receive your patch summary. You can choose each email address that you configured as notification method under
  3. Click “Activate patch summary”

Your patch summary is now active. You can have as many patch summaries as you like but they exist independently from one another and don’t keep track of which patch alerts were included in a different summary. A common use case for multiple patch summaries is when you want to send a summary to all the members of your team. For this you would configure multiple summaries for the same day but with different email addresses.