Create a patch alert

Patch alerts allow you to receive notifications everytime there is a new patch for a specific software. This helps you to secure systems that you cannot manage via our patch management features, e.g. network devices, firewalls, DevOps components (Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes, etc.). For most softwares we record only important security fixes to keep the alert volume down and only notify you if there is something really important you need to fix as soon as possible.

To configure a patch alert just follow these steps:

Step 1: Make sure you have at least one notification methods

Patch alerts need a notification method so they know where to send alerts to. A notification method can be email, webhook or a third-party integration. To create one follow the steps at

Step 2: Start the wizard

Head over to and click the button “Create new patch alert”: 

Step 3: Configure your patch alert

  1. Select a software category, e.g. “DevOps”
  2. Select a vendor, e.g. “Google”
  3. Select a software, e.g. “Kubernetes”
  4. Select which type of notification method you want to use: Email or third-party integration
  5. Select the notification method, e.g. an email address

That’s it! Your patch alert is configured and you will receive a notification whenever there is a new important patch. You also see a selection of the alerts send out by the patch alerts you configured in your dashboard at