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We try to do things differently than other security vendors. No pushy sales calls, no shiny conference booths, no upselling pressure, no opaque pricing structure. Just an easy-to-use product that does what it says on the box, with clear pricing and great customer support.

Because we don't use the usual sales tactics and try to keep our marketing budget small so that we can invest more in engineering and customer support we rely on our customers to spread the word. If you like what we do and want to support us, here are a couple of ways how you can help:

Say nice things about us

You can write a review on sites like Capterra or G2 and say what you think about Patchdeck. This helps other IT admins find us and compare us against other vendors. If you are active on Reddit, Twitter or StackOverflow you can mention us there, e.g. when someone asks about which patch management software to use. We don't use spam accounts or marketing reps who stalk these sites because we value the communities there and want to support genuine feedback and help. This is why your contribution makes a real difference here.

Tell your friends and colleagues

If you know somebody who you think would benefit from using Patchdeck tell her or him to signup. If the new customer stays on board for more than a month we reward you both with a 10 percent discount on the next bill. Win win for everybody! To get the discount just send an email to referral@patchdeck.com with the email address of the customer you referred.

Tell us how to improve

We are working hard to make Patchdeck better everyday. Tell us which features you would like to see or if you have run into a bug.  

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