Our mission

We have a clear mission at Patchdeck: Make patch management easy and affordable, so that business of all sizes can stay secure and up-to-date. In our view, too often complexity and high costs are getting in the way of adopting good management practices and security standards in IT. We try hard to run an efficient operation so that we can offer you a high quality service for a low price. But we are not thrifty and we do invest heavily in everything that makes our product better and the lifes of our customers easier. Here are the things that we prioritize:

  • Clean code and sound architecture: We practice good engineering to ensure that our systems run fast and stable. This makes our products easy to use and keeps cost down because of lower maintenance efforts. 
  • Security: Security comes first for us. Our founding team members all have a background in security and we keep a sharp eye on secure coding practices and secure architecture. We regularly perform threat modeling and security reviews on our architecture and code.  
  • Customer service: The most important part of Patchdeck are our customers. And we treat them like that. On every plan customers receive outstanding support. Technical problems are quickly escalated to our engineers because we know that our customers rely on us to keep their systems running smoothly and securely.

If you want to support our mission see the page "Spread the word".

And if you have experienced an issue where we fell short of our goals we would love to hear about that so we can continue to improve. Just contact our support at support@patchdeck.com.

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