Use the API

You can use the Patchdeck API to programmatically check for new patch alerts and unpatched systems. To use the API you first need to create an access token which you then include in every request.

Creating an access token

Head over to and click the button "Generate access token": 

Making API requests

Available endpoints

    • Available query parameters:
      • period=all
        • Get all patch alerts since subscribing to a patch feed
        • Example usage with cURL: curl -H 'Authorization: Token YOUR_API_TOKEN'
      • period=new
        • Get all new patch alerts since last API call
        • Example call: curl -H 'Authorization: Token YOUR_API_TOKEN'
    • Please note: All timestamps in API output are in UTC
    • Get all systems that are currently unpatched
    • Get details on the system with HOSTNAME

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